Counting Chickens

My husband gave me a gift this summer....13 baby chickens!  I guess when I quit my office job he wanted to get me back to my farm girl roots.   We have fallen in love with these little girls.  I collect chickens and roosters in my kitchen and now I have the real live ones to play with...outside of course.

They have grown over the past few months and now are running around our yard playing with the deer.  Actually, the deer love to tease them.  It makes me laugh in delight when I see the deer intentionally eat the chicken food just to bug the chickens.  They will wait until the chickens are on our rock wall and then sneak up and push them off!  No lie....deer really have a mischievous personality.

I designed a wool pattern to celebrate my new sweethearts.  "Faith is Counting Chickens" is one of my favorite sayings.  Kind of the glass half full versus the glass half empty kind of thing.  I added this pattern to my kitchen with my fake roosters and hens as a reminder to me to believe that all good things will come to those who have faith.

Faith Is Counting Chickens

This pattern is available on my Etsy Page.  It is a simple and quick (as always) wool applique pattern that fits in a 12" x 12" frame which can be found at any Hobby Lobby.  I hope you enjoy stitching this new pattern and having another excuse to play with your favorite wool scraps! more story...I have been blaming my little hens for eating my pumpkins on my front porch.  Tonight I found who the real criminals are.... doesn't look like a bunch of chickens to me!

Caught red handed or should I say orange mouthed?  I love these "critters" as my son would say.  They make living up here in the mountains a treat every day.  

All Joy,


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