Raspberry Brownie Truffle

It has been a few weeks since my last post...those last few weeks of summer are so busy!  We had three of our kids move back home which made my heart overflow with joy, but meant I had three kids to move in and get ready for school and college! 

We played up until the last day before school started and now it is my time to sew, bake and to hit all the shops I have found this summer on our road trips.  My favorite find was a shop in American Fork, which I will blog about later this week.

For now, I wanted to share a new recipe that we made yesterday that had me sighing, it is a Raspberry Brownie Truffle. My daughter called to let me know that our local raspberries were on sale at our favorite grocery store, so we grabbed a couple of flats.  

Not knowing what to do with that many raspberries, I went to Pinterst! I was inspired by a photo which I added to My Pinterest Raspberry Board....but of course I had to tweak it a little.  So here is the easy delish version... 

Raspberry Brownie Truffle

2 Dark Ghiradelli Chocolate Brownie Mixes
2 Pints of Raspberries
1 Quart of Whipping Cream
1/2 Cup Sugar
3 Teaspoons of Pure Vanilla
Truffle Bowl

Mix both brownie mixes according to the instructions on the box and pour into a large deep 11" x 13" baking dish.  Bake according to instructions and let cool.  Pour whipping cream into a cold mixing bowl and whip on high, gradually adding the sugar and vanilla and whipping until stiff and fluffy.  Set aside. Cut the brownies into one to two  inch squares.

Layer into the truffle bowl a layer of the brownies, raspberries and a thick layer of the whipped cream.  Repeat to make three layers.  Top with a generous dollop of cream and garnish with sugared berries.  Refrigerate until time to serve.  Enjoy!!!!!

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