Captive Queen

A couple of weeks ago I had some time off of work and wanted to find a good summer I could get lost in.  I love historical fiction and had several books that I was given for Christmas that were gathering dust on my shelf waiting for my to pick them up and crack their covers.

Captive Queen By Alison Weir

I decided to start the one I was least wanting to read which was Captive Queen by Alison Weir.  It is the story of Eleanor of Aquitaine, the Queen of two countries and mother or three kings, a woman of great power, grace, forgiveness, and passion.  I loved this book...actually I love Alison Weir's writing.  After you read one of her books you feel like you have learned something while being transported back to another time.

Eleanor has inspired me to look at trials and unkindness, patience and forgiveness, grace and strength.  There are some racie parts which may bug a few people....but it made her human to me.  

As you know I love family history and have spent a few years researching different family lines and I have several lines traced back to the time period of Eleanor which got me curious to see if there were any of my ancestors in England or Normandy during this time. 

Dunham Massey

As it turned out one of my ancestors, Hamon De Mascey III was one of the Lords who supported the rebellion against King Henry II with Queen Eleanor, Duke Richard and the Young King Henry.  This was the rebellion which Queen Elanor was imprisoned by her husband for 16 years... Sir Hamon was fined and let go...but she spent a fourth of her life being held captive by her husband.

I was a fascinating find and a great summer read.  I will for sure be more patient and forgiving....more kind to those around me and more resolute in the things I believe in after reading her story.  

If you have a great summer read, please share....I am looking for a new one!

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  1. Thanks for your insightfulness on how the book affected you. Don't you love it when something you read or see inspires you to dig a little deeper... Like you, wanting to know if you have any ancestry from the time period of the book. You may not realize it, but you have introduced me to several meaningful people and places that have influenced my life for the better. Og Mandino was an author who boosted my spirits as a young adult. And I love to listen to NPR because you came along and wanted some open-minded conversation about different topics I wasn't accustomed to talking about. Thanks for helping me find my voice. Now, I shall find a good summertime read for myself, too.



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