Kick Off To Summer

We are into summer two weeks and we have been going non-stop!  I love it!!!  The day after Tina's graduation we had our grandson Nicholas's baby blessing.  His daddy is in the military and got a surprise leave for a week and so we quickly got everyone together for a special night to bless this sweet new baby in our family.

Baby Nicholas and Proud Parents

The next morning we woke up at 4:00 AM and headed to Seattle with a trailer to load up our daughter Camilla, her husband and their two precious children to move back to Utah...we are so excited to have them here.  Three years without my girls is too long!

While we were there we went downtown and toured my favorite city (so far...) Seattle.  LOVED the Pike's Farmer's market and the seafood!  Seriously amazing seafood....flowers....everything!  I wish I had this market in Salt Lake.....

Pike's Farmers Market

 Gracie NOT Liking the Fish Market


 Flower Heaven..as far as the eye could see!

 I wish I had this Market around for our daughter's wedding...

 Can you see why I love this place?

 Street Art Tin Man....
 Giving Gracie a piece of candy as a reward for her tip...so cute!

Post Alley is famous for.....

 ...wall art....
 ....the gum wall.... a complete wall street to the top of the building covered in gum....of course we contributed ours too....
 ...this would make a cool poster huh?

 The Bay
 Dwight was there!!!

The Original Starbucks...sweet!

After a day of fun in the city we were blessed to be able to see our sweet grandson Michael Robert blessed by his father.  It was so sweet to be there and hear him "pitch in" his two cents during his blessing.  We all joked that he wanted to make sure that he got the right things said in his blessing. :)   

Micheal Robert and His Very Happy Parents

So now we are back in Utah and have everything unpacked and ready for more adventures or some rest! :)  I spent my hours on the drive watching tons of Disney movies with our Gracie and stitching a fabulous Michael Miller piece of fabric that I am making into a tapestry pillow for Tina's room....she comes home in July and I want to surprise her with something beautiful and luscious on her bed.

I hope your first weeks of summer have been glorious!

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