Summer Is Almost Here!

After coming home from work on Friday in a blustery snowstorm, with six inches of snow on my driveway...I decided to grill some steaks...stay home...and stitch!  So I finished the second in my Wool Seasons Collection..."Summer".

Summer Wool Pattern

I got out my baskets of colored wool and poured my button collection into a large green ceramic bowl to "fish" for just the right "flowers".  I love quick projects..especially colorful ones, and this project took all of two hours on a lazy "snowed in" Saturday!  How's that for quick.  

The fall and winter samplers are coming soon for those people who like to get a head start.  I am planning on finding a favorite wall and hanging them together.  This collection will include a sweet little doll that will be changed out for the seasons...with accessories.  I cut out her cute figure last night.

The pattern is on at my Tweetle Dee Etsy Shop...just click this link... Summer Wool Pattern to find the frame, pattern and kit.  So get out your wool scraps and buttons and have some fun.  I can't wait for summer!!!  

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