Mothers and Daughters

With Mother's Day this week, we have a lot to be thankful for.  Three of my daughters have become new mother's this year!  We will have four grandchildren before Halloween....can't believe it since I don't feel a day over thirty!  I found out this week that my sweet daughter and her family in Seattle is moving back to Utah in a few weeks...bringing my grand daughter Gracie!  Best Mother' Day gift I could get!!!

Tina is getting ready to graduate in a few weeks too and is busy working on last minute assignments and of course she had a 10 hour project that she needed to of them is a quilt!
Tina and Her Senior Quilt

She choose the fabric, Mom prepped it, her friends and church leaders helped her tie it, her Grandmother showed her how to make the picot corners and now she has been hand stitching the finishing edges.  It has been sweet to see her learn to sew and love it!  It is so fun to have your children to enjoy their own creativity and want to share time with you creating.

My first burst of creativity came from my mother as she was a knitter, crocheter, and painter....we all wore hand made shirts and sweaters.  I remember on of my favorite shirts was a "tomato" shirt with cute little talking tomato's on it.  I wish I still had it!

My Mom knitting Gracie's Blankie...

My first sewing and embroidery came from my Grandma Lyke as she had me stitching along with her.  She bought me my first sewing kit ...butter yellow and full of all sorts of goodies in it. A few years ago she sent me my first sampler that I made when I was eight or nine. I couldn't believer she still had it.

My Grandma Lyke

We celebrate alot of gifts our Mother's pass on...and many gifts have been given to me by the women in my life...but one of the gifts I cherish is my mother and grandmother's creativity, love of cooking, and seeing all things with beauty.  I see their gifts in my children and love to see the next generation find beauty and creativity in their lives.

I hope you love this week and find joy celebrating Mothers and Daughters this week.  I have been blessed with several Mothers and six beautiful daughters and love them all!  One thing is for sure...Tina is hooked on quilting now...and can't wait to make her next project.  I guess I'll have a few more Shop Hop buddies this year.   Thanks to all who helped her with her first quilt!

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  1. I'm making your carrot cake this weekend for my own Mother's Day cake. I can't wait!



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