Blooming All Around

The sunshine is pouring down and we finally have one daffodil blooming in my flower bed!  Spring in Woodland Hills is a little slower to come...but every day with sunshine is a celebration. I have had four days off work to play with my kids for Spring Break...which meant a lot of exploring and a little time to create...


I am working on a collection of seasonal wool mini-designs.  This is the spring in process and will be posted here and on Etsy tomorrow..with the summer later this week.  It is fun to make something small that you can whip up in a weekend especially when you are a busy Mom who like to play.

We have a son on a mission who is leaving for Korea in a week...and we had the chance to go see him for a couple of minutes we took a family walk to see him one last time!  The best part of the weekend!!!

Michael and Mom

I am not a Mom who cries much when her kids leave home or get married and I couldn't be happier to have Michael serving a mission....we send him weekly packages and emails and know he is happy and is doing well...

...I mean Elder Dorrough (in Korean)

So when I was told I could see him for two minutes I couldn't pass it up....and in a group of 60 missionaries two hundred feet away I could pick out my boy now a man...looking handsome and so happy.  He has "bloomed" into a man and I am so happy to see him ready to leave for Korea.

 Baby Nick excited to meet Uncle Michael

Michael got to see his new nephew Nick and Nick got to see the sunshine and flowers for the first time....

 All in bloom....

 No hugs....just hand shakes! 

 Tina and Me...on a beautiful day...

 We brought Michael his favorite...a  day old (but warm)
bean and cheeseburrito from Beto' last for two years!

It was a wonderful day for all of us to see our young missionary who has grown up in the last few months training and learning the Korean language.  We got to meet his companions and the Korean's that are in his group heading off to Korea net week.  I don't think you could have found a happier better group of young people anywhere in the world.  My heart is happy!

So, now we are home...eating my husband's barbecue, watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows...and finishing a little wool bunny project!!!  Life is good and blooming all around!

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