Something to Hang Onto

The past couple of months I have designed a little girls bedroom set with a dresser, bed and bookshelf all with birdhouses....and we needed a quilt holder to hang the new "Love Grows" quilt from.  We couldn't find anything that I was in love with so pencils, saws and paint guns came off vacation and got to work! 

Tweet Quilt Hanger

It comes in bright white, antique white, robin egg blue, bubble gum pink and sweet corn yellow.  I am painting one right now with robin egg blue posts and white fence posts.  The cost is $85.00  and is available on Etsy at

I needed one for my bedroom that matches the style of my French provincial bed and decided to experiment with a new silver gray color finish.  I loved it!!!  I hope you do do.  It has a shelf and a three and a half foot rod for hanging my large king size quilt.  It is available in antique white, silver gray, espresso brown, black, and barn red.  

 French Provincial Quilt Holder

I wiped over it with a stain to bring out the carvings in the moldings and to age it to look as if it was built a hundred years ago!  The cost for the French Provincial Quilt Hanger is $125.00 and is available at

Last but certainly not is my favorite and hangs in my sewing room with my first quilt on it is the Pembrook Quilt Hanger....

 Pembrook Quilt Hanger

I love the carving on this quilt hanger!  It is available in black, antique white, barn red, espresso brown, silver gray, and robin egg blue.  It sells for $85.00 and can be found at my etsy store  

All of these quilt hangers can be finished in your choice of color with antique or satin finish and are ready to ship in seven to fourteen day from date of order.  I hope you fall in love them as much as I did and find a favorite quilt to hang onto!

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