March Blessings

This week our family was blessed with new grand baby....a miracle in our lives.  A little sweet baby was born on Wednesday morning to our daughter Brandy and her husband Tom.  We have spent the week with them at the hospital and have been praying hard.

Nickolas Tientum Nakphouminh

He was born with two holes in his lungs and was not able to breathe, lost oxygen and is now receiving HIE treatment.  This is when they cool the baby's core body temperature and slow their heart and other organs to keep their brain from swelling.

We are so happy with the hospital and the wonderful doctors and nurses at Timpanoogos Regional.  They have been a great support to our new mommy.  We feel that all will be well and hope that when they warm his body up this weekend he will do well and that we can hold and love him.

Brandy's husband is from Laos and in their culture the grandfather presents the new grandchildren with their name.  Tom's father gave him his middle name... Tientum which translates to "genuine heart".  Which so fits his sweet spirit.  With the hours we have spent in the NICU we have felt his sweet spirit and pray for his quick recovery.  

Thanks to all for the support and love shown to Brandy.  Her husband Tom is stationed in the Army and was not able to be there for his birth...but we have felt his strength and know that his son Nick will be ok.  I will keep you posted as the days go forward.

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