Irish Roots

As you know I love geneology and LOVE!!! has produced a television show in it's second season called Who Do You Think You Are. A month or so ago they aired a show featuring Rosie O'Donell . 

Rosie O'Donnell

 Her ancestors came from Ireland, so the show took her back to Ireland to see where her family came from and to show her where her family stayed before immigrating to Canada and then to America.  

Her Search For Answers....

This trip for her touched her heart and mine too. It is amazing what the people of Ireland suffered during the Potato Famine and helped me to understand some of my family history and roots. If you think you have struggles watch what these poor Irish families went through and you will feel blessed.  So in honor of St. Patrick's week I thought I would share this clip for your enjoyment.

An Irish Poor House

Who Do You Think You Are - Ep 203: History That Needs to Be Told - Video -

I have been finishing my Irish Blessing sampler and will have it finished and framed tomorrow night. Stitching the shamrocks was so sweet... I love the green! Enjoy this clip and check out the site and the Who Do You Think You Are site to see other clips of celebrities who discover a little bit more about where they came from.

It is the best hour on television!

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