Celebrate Dream Create Applique Tutorial

I have had several requests to show you how to do the quick Applique technique that I use to create my patterns.  It is super simple and quick because of course I need instant gratification.  I bought my Bliss fabric last fall and have saved it to make my Celebrate Dream Create pattern in bright reds and turquoise blues.  

Last Saturday I finally had a quiet afternoon to get it all out and as I made my pattern I took pictures of each step and thought it would be fun to show you how easily these come together.

The first step is to get your pattern and materials out.  In addition to your pattern and fabrics, you will want an iron, a pencil, and a good pair of scissors.

I use medium weight Heat N Bond to adhere the pieces of fabric to each other.  When you purchase your Heat N Bond it comes with instructions, but the instructions are a little tricky took me awhile to figure it maybe this visual will help.

I look at the piece I need to trace this case it was a bunch of flowers about three inches across.  So I cut out a square or piece of fabric a little larger than item I need to trace.  Then I lay that piece of fabric on the Heat N Bond and cut  apiece of Heat N Bond slightly smaller than the fabric.  The reason you do this is so that you never get sticky Heat N Bond on your iron or board.

Heat your iron to high.  Pull off the paper (loose) side of the Heat N Bond and place it to the wrong side of the fabric.  Press it onto the wrong side of the fabric using high heat for a few minutes.  Let cool.

Once you have all of the fabric "squares" ironed onto the fabric, cut out the template pieces to trace onto the paper side of the Heat N Bond.

Trace onto the paper side of the Heat N Bond.  Place the template on the paper side of the Heat N Bond "backyards" so that when you trace it out,  and cut your piece...the shape will be accurate to the drawing.  If you are adhering a shape that can be either front or won't matter how you trace it.

After you have traced your templates to the paper side of the Heat N Bond, cut around your tracing lines and cut your pieces out.  Arrange them on your background where you want them ironed on...according to the pattern.  Note - I always make sure that my background piece is slightly larger than my frame to allow enough fabric to stretch around the frame backing.

After you have them all placed, peel off the paper back and place on background.  Take the iron and with high heat, press down slightly rubbing back and forth and adhere the fabric pieces to the background.

After you have adhered or ironed all of your pieces, let the fabric cool.  If there are lines or words that need to be traced onto the fabric, place the pattern behind the background piece and using a light box or a window, and a water soluble marker, trace out the lines and words.  Note - If you apply heat or if your fabric is hot the water soluble marker will permanently set into the fabric and won't come out.

Now it is time to stitch.  I will be working on this pattern this weekend and will post stitching guides for each of the stitches I use in my patterns.  I hope this helps you and inspires you to try something new!

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