Who Do You Think You Are

It's finally Friday the 4th and my favorite show begins it's second season tonight!

I got hooked on this show last spring.  It was touching and inspired me in begin working on my family history.  Each week it highlights famous stars as uses it's experts to find a part of their family history that was a mystery to them.

I love history and joined after watching the second episode to see what I would find.  I have found 1,456 of my ancestors as well as pictures and stories that have helped me to learn about my heritage.  I have several lines that go back over 29 generations and one that is back 49 to 79 AD....and the best part is it was sooo easy. 

Campbell Castle

I LOVE history and especially historical fiction and helped me find so many interesting stories of my ancestors that were alive at the time of my favorite periods of history.  Castles, knights, dukes, ladies in waiting, pilgrims, ship manifests and all sorts of wonderful pieces of history belong to me now.  Campbell Castle...had a ancestor who lived there.  We are now planning a trip to Europe to visit all the places that belong to my family history. 

So set your DVR's and record the best hour of television out there.  It airs tonight on NBC at 7:00. will get hooked!  

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