Love Grows

I finally finished the center block of my new quilt "Love Grows"!  I designed it two years ago while I was on a cruise to the Bahamas (I wish I was there now...) and have been sidetracked with other projects until now....

Love Grows

I cut out the pieces for the other blocks this afternoon and am ready to get them put together.    Along with this quilt is a small 11 x14" Applique wall piece that can be framed, "Birdie" the bird keeper doll, a pillow case and throw pillow pattern. 

The quilt has twirling vines, polka dots, bird-homes (its a home not a house) and a few button buds too.  

For those who want to get a head start the center block pattern and wall piece are available on  I will be posting a tutorial this week on how to do this simple Applique technique.  Frames are also available on my etsy shop.

I hope you enjoy this colorful and "tweet" new pattern.  It has been so fun to stitch.  Just what I needed to beat the winter blues!!!

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