A Year Of Tweets

I had a lot of fun today loading our blog photos into my new Photoshop and created a collage of the different blog photos from this past year. 

Looking at the year in one shot is so fun!  What a year...two weddings...and few visits from my grand daughter...lots of food and trips...sewing...creating and all together with the people we love.  I can't wait to see all that happens in 2011.

We have already started with a mission call and a new grandson....and two more babies to come.....

I am super excited for this weekend as my son is getting ready to leave on his mission to Seoul Korea and my new grandson comes on Friday ....with the love my life Gracie!!!  I am beyond words.

I spent yesterday at Pine Needles picking out the fabric for the Love Grows quilt and I left screaming with delight!  I can't wait to get sewing...I will sneak a little time in with all the family time to get some of it done.

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