Sweet Valentine Trio

Sweet Valentine Trio set is a my Valentine treat to on sale for $6.00!  
The pattern has three small expressions of love that are 4" x 4".  You can order on now through Valentine's Day.

Sweet Valentine Day Trio

I found some unfinished wood frames at a local craft store that had a 4" x 4" opening which I painted and fabric covered them.  I am posting a tutorial on how to use Modge Podge to cover these frames with fabric to get an extra special burst of color.  


Unfinished Wood Frames
Modge Podge Satin Finish
Sponge Brush
Pencil or Water Soluble Marker
Fabric of Choice

1.  Iron fabric to be used.  

2.  Paint unfinished wood frame using spray paint color of choice.  Let dry.

3.  Lay out fabric and place frame on top of fabric right side down.

4.  Trace around sides of the frame and opening with pencil or water soluble marker..

5.  Cut out fabric on traced lines.

6.  Lay frame on protective sheet and "paint" with Modge Podge Satin Finish.  "Paint" it on heavy.

7.  Place fabric square on top of frame that has been coated with Modge Podge and smooth out across frame.  Make sure edges are flush to the edges.

8.  Place a coat or "paint" the top of the fabric to seal the fabric to the frame.  The satin finish will finish the top and give a beautiful sheen.  Don't worry if it looks cloudy on the dries clear.

9.  Once the Modge Podge has dried it is ready to place your stitch or picture in it.

This is one of my favorite projects!  You can Modge Podge  scrap booking paper and all sorts of fabric onto unfinished frames.  It is a great to have your faves on display without having to sew something.  Quick and fast....I'm such a instant gratification girl!!! 

I hope you have fun using these techniques!

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