Sweet Tweet Bed

I am so excited to have the new year here!  It is like a burst of new energy, happiness, and light are here....even though I have 3 feet of snow in my front yard!  We have been working on a new children's bedroom set and have the bed completed!  Isn't it so cute?  I want to make one for my little Gracie!  

 Sweet Tweet Bed

It is available in twin ($385.00), Queen ($525.00) and King for ($625.00).  I have finished a couple of these and played around with painting the end posts in light pink and one in robin egg blue and they are adorable.  

For orders please contact me by email at tweetledeedesignco@gmail.com or you can reach me by phone at 801-623-1458.  

I hope you had a wonderful new years!  

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