The Power of Sharing Your Heart

I read a passage last week in the book, The Power by Rhonda Byrne that said that we don't do anything without a measure of love in it.  I have thought about it several times this week  trying to decide if it is true.  Especially as I have been doing my normal everyday my for Chill's birthday...getting up early on Sunday to go to church...driving to work.  You know all the things I wouldn't really think of as "love".

I really hate cleaning my closet after I drop a weeks worth of clothing on the floor...but I LOVE having a clean closet.  I really don't LOVE some of the processes in my everyday life...but I think it is true that everything we do comes from love.....even the things we may not be crazy about.  This little nugget of thought has helped me be a little more joyful this week in doing some of the things I "have" to do.

This leads to one of my favorite patterns for Valentine's Day...Share You Heart To Your Hearts Content.

Share Your Heart 

I am listing this pattern for $6.00 throughout February at  It is a 8" x 10" pattern that is so darling throughout the year.  

I have been finishing Love Grows this week ...and it is finally ready to frame!  AND more exciting to me is my new Valentine Pattern called Paper Hearts that will be posted next Monday.  It is sooooo darling.  

So think about it this everything you do somehow motivated my love and are you sharing your wonderful heart with everyone around you?  I hope you are...because no one has your heart and love unless you share it.

Have a wonderful day!

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