Love Isn't Something You Fall Into

It's the second week in January and all of the Christmas decorations are packed far far away.  The house is cleaned and my eyes are drawn to every Rod Works and Tai Pan store I drive by....I have my wish list in my wallet waiting for money!  All I see is hearts and pink everywhere...yeah!  Valentine's Day is weeks away but I don't think there could be a better holiday to follow Christmas do you?

Love Isn't Something You Fall Into

I found this saying when I was 19 years old at an estate sale in upstate New York.  It was stitched onto an old sampler with two doves, roses and hearts...and of course the alphabet.  I loved it and stitched it for my first home and it has remained with me all these years.  It is so true.  Love isn't something you fall into...its something you grow forever.  

So now it is updated with bright colors and a simple applique technique for you to make in time for Valentine's Day.  You can find the pattern at the etsy shop  There are a few other sweet treats for you as well.  

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