Starry Night Holy Night Sale

Starry Night Holy Night is now 25% off through the end of December!  You know how much I love snowmen and wool...so this design warmed my heart in more ways than one!  I made mine in an evening!  I am all about instant gratification!!!

Starry Night Holy Night

I spent last night I took Tina and Adam to the Riverwoods Shopping Center to have them get their "Brother Sister" gifts.  Every Thanksgiving night the kids draw names for their siblings to give a gift to on Christmas Eve.  They have been doing this for each other since they were babies...and it is their favorite part of Christmas.  The key is to keep who you got a secret and find something their sibling would really want.  

We went to Blickenstaff's and WOW was it busy!  It is the funnest toy store next to FAO Shwartz!  Mrs. Clause found a bunch of unique and super fun stocking stuffers.  There must have been a million kids in there...well not a million but a ton of happy kids.  Go check them out and all of the new lights and courtyards they have built at the Riverwoods.  Santa's house and the hot scones were fabulous!

So come down to Provo and see Utah Counties newest winter wonderland! 

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