Fall In Love With November

It is November....all the Halloween pumpkins are packed away and the kids are begging me to get the Christmas decorations out.  I know every store we walk through is playing Christmas music and lights are going up....but it is Thanksgiving this month!  

We Gather Together

I love's the calm between Halloween and Christmas.  The fall leaves are almost gone and the shelves are full.  Most of the yard work is you are now free to take a walk and smell the fresh air.  The food is fabulous...the family and friends gather round...and there is pie...LOTS of pie!!!  (I eat mine for breakfast) 

In honor of Thanksgiving I am offering two of my fall patterns for 25% off.  Go to and you will receive my Thanksgiving gift to you!  Both of these patterns are easy...super easy and take just a couple of evenings to stitch.  Also, anyone who becomes a follower of the blog will receive my O Christmas Tree pattern for free!  

O Christmas Tree

I have a black leather journal I have been keeping in my purse/bag for the last few month to write in whenever I get a chance to be still and quiet.  I have been taking the suggestion of a friend and have started adding one thing I am grateful for each time I write (I have found long meetings the best time to write...everyone thinks I am taking notes :).  Anyways, this week has been a hard week with being sick and long days at work....I had a few minutes yesterday and I opened my journal and read...looking back at the small quick entries and the things I found along the way as blessings.  

I used to keep a gratitude journal a long time ago when I was single and going through a difficult time....and it really made a difference.  So...I am going to do it this month.  I need it! If you want to do this too...go find a cool blank book (Target has the coolest ones) you can write in and see what happens this month....

Tomorrow's Harvest

A couple of weeks ago I scheduled to take a family photo in the mountains behind my house.  I have been saving this ugly (or cool...if you are Maggie) yellow couch to use...had everything planned and then it was raining...POURING!  So I got out the umbrellas and bribed the kids to participate ...and they would get hot potato soup!

...and this is what we got...soaking wet fun!  So the pictures didn't turn out the way I had imagined...but we had a memory!  

Maggie and Tina

Us...soaking wet...seriously pouring rain!!!!

...and then the next morning we woke up to this.....

So we are grateful so rain...wet...and our family being together....weekends...sickness so you can feel good pair of glasses and a book worth wearing them for.....a warm bed....good Italian food....and the chance to have a new day with every sunrise! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

"If the only prayer you say in your entire life is - "thank you"  - that is enough."
                                           Meister Eckhart 1260 - 1328

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