Tweet Tweet So Sweet

I am so excited to announce my new design company Tweetle Dee Designs!  Those of you who have followed Gigglee Designs the past few years will know me.  I have been a designer of embroidery and quilt patterns or the past few years.  Before that I was an interior and furniture designer for several Park City, Salt Lake and Southern California companies. 

So typical of me I get antsy and want to try something new.  I have wanted to combine my fabric appliqué patterns with the children's furniture and home decor accessories that will pull the whole look together.  I am experimenting with some canvas art reproductions of my quilt blocks for those who do not like to sew...but want the look, and of course new patterns for those who want to make it themselves!

This is what I am working on this week..... Love Grows is a new pattern that I have been saving for my premier pattern.  I already have the bed and children's table built....working on a quilt to go with it...a "keeper of the tweets" doll and a few other surprises.  So there will a bunch of new things to see over these next few weeks!  

Thanks for coming to visit...have a "tweet" day!

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