She Whistled A Tune

I took yesterday afternoon to unpack the Halloween decorations and get our home ready for fall.    Camilla, Mike and Grace are coming this week and we had to have our pumpkins out for our "little pumpkin".  It's amazing what you can get kids to do when you rip into a bag of candy corn!

So out comes the Halloween patterns....and this is my favorite!  This little witch stole my heart and is so fun and easy to put together.  It is one of those projects you could have your "little witches" help with.  Children love cutting and gluing and much of this pattern is created by finding bits and pieces of wool and cutting them onto shapes.  You can find this patterns a my Etsy Shop

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and a great Monday!  I will be busy getting everything ready for the arrival of my little granddaughter!!!  Hurray!

Counting Pumpkins

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