Yesterday was a hard day.  I put my son on an airplane to move to Arizona....had a fashion show for my when I came home and had a few minutes to think I remembered that Bliss by Camille Roskelly  hit Utah this I grabbed my other daughter..told our husbands we were gassing the car...and speed down the hill.  

My son Michael....

We ran to our local quilt shop Gracie Lou's Quilt Shop and went right to the front display of Bliss!  I pulled my favorites and had them cutting up a storm of blues, reds, and greens.  It is exactly what I was looking for for Love new pattern.  I spent the day cutting and placing tomorrow I can begin sewing....YEAH!

Bliss by Camille Roskelly

We did gas the car and got a Diet Mountain Dew for the road.  Homecoming was a blast...and Sunday was pure Bliss!

Tina and Her Date Addison 

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